Clarity, Transparency and Rich Detail - Lindemann Limetree USB-DAC



Date: 2022-08-01


Attractive solutions with small components - this is the directive of the Limetree series by Lindemann Audio. The company expanded the portfolio of this series of smart devices: the Limetree USB DAC upgrades the computer to a compact audiophile system and elevates every analogue sound chain to a top digital level. It converts HiRes files up to PCM 768 kHz/24 bit and DSD512 works as a headphone amplifier. The USB DAC plays music on active speakers and drives analogue or power amplifiers, thanks to the built-in preamplifier.

Limetree - in 2018, just in time for the 25th anniversary of the company, Lindemann Audio initiated this series. Since then, the prestigious hi-fi manufacturer has developed highly compact audio solutions within this series, which follow the "small but mighty" idea. The USB DAC now joins the phono preamp, the network player and the streaming bridge. However, the idea for the tiniest cube format of this series goes back to 2007, when Lindemann decided to focus on computer audio as an additional area of its product development. That also gave birth to the no-frills, compact design: The body of the components since then consisted of an extruded aluminium profile, refined by decorative grooves and finished off by a plate fixed with screws, both at the front and the back. In launching the Limetree series, Lindemann significantly refined and updated this design: The surfaces feature a noble and coherent satin finish, the slightly rounded but squiggle-free lettering underlines the refreshingly modern look, and the stylised lemon tree leaf on the top complements the appearance......

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