Cable Burn-in Service



Siltech cable burn-in service

After the appointment as the distributor of Siltech cables in China, Hong Kong and Macau, Richcoln is introducing the cable burn-in service for Siltech users/customers so that their cables could be performing at their best.

The cable will be fully run-in by the Siltech burn-in machine. After the conductor is connected to the machine, pulse wave will be sent through the cable. The process will raise the performance of the cable, revealing the original details with very precise imaging, and a very discernible sound stage.
The texture and nuances of the music will also be more defined, providing a very natural playback with better musicality.

Cable Type: Interconnect cables with RCA, interconnect cables with XLR, speaker cables

Burn-in Time: 24 hours

Burn-in Charges: Interconnect cables $ 500 / pair, speaker cables $ 700 / pair

For enquiries, please call 2489-2269 or visit our showroom (5/F, Siu On Centre, 188 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong).