Following their proprietary DNA, Burmester introduces the series production model of a superlative mono power amplifier. Visually taking its cue from the renowned amplifiers in the portfolio, the design of the 159 Mono Power Amplifier has been adapted to contemporary design ideas; its appearance demonstrating the progression of innovation that has taken place on the inside of the amplifier. After 7 years of development, power and control have reached previously unattainable levels of performance and measurement. The 159 benefits both from the wealth of experience evidenced by Burmester’s track record in power amplifier development and from the latest discoveries in analogue amplifier technology.



In terms of the company’s history, the 159 Mono Power Amplifier crowns the success stories - especially with power amplifiers - by uniting traditional Burmester virtues with state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, it is the most powerful power amplifier that Burmester have ever created. This monumental amplifier is also absolutely uncompromising in its inner structure. All sound-relevant components originate from German manufacturers and were specially designed in accordance with the stipulations of the Burmester development team for this ambitious project. This extraordinary effort over a period of many years has made it possible to consistently implement the very peak of what is technically feasible.

To preserve the purist design, the control unit is hidden under the opulent aluminium cover. Pushing the cover to the rear allows access to the control console, with a concentrically positioned push lever and relevant information concerning the device, such as operating status or the damping factor display.



The adjustable damping factor offers the customer the opportunity to adjust the amplifier to their personal sound preferences and to the respective requirements of the speaker. Adjustments are made by use of a rotary encoder on the rear of the housing and can be read via both the operator panel and on the scale of the rotary encoder. From the manually assembled circuit boards, to the selected transformers, to the computer-aided measuring station takes over 100 hours of production time. In addition, there are several days of trial runs and further intensive quality controls, including a detailed final listening test under real conditions. Each individual component receives a 100% inspection before installation, assuring the recognized Burmester quality standards. This extensive manufacturing process ultimately ensures that the customer is in receipt of an extraordinary product in every respect.


Special Features

  • Variable damping factor for adaptation to the speaker
  • Burmester typical layout with completely symmetrical design
  • Generously dimensioned power supply allows highest output performance
  • Stable at all loads from 1 Ω


Connection Options

  • Symmetrical input
  • Asymmetrical input via supplied adapter
  • 10V DC input for remote on/off via Burmester pre-amps
  • BurSync for synchronizing connected 159 Mono Power Amps
  • Symmetrical output (XLR Through)
  • Loudspeaker outputs


Technical Specifications:

Design Principle Mono-power amp/full bridge, class A/B
imensions (WxHxD) 523 mm x 415 mm x 660 mm
Weight approx. 180 kg
Rated Power 1,200 W (4Ω) to IEC 62368
Pulse Power 6,600 W (4Ω) to CEA
Continuous current/ peak current 17 A / 72 A
Damping factor (4Ω) 102 – 3,895 in 23 steps
Signal to noise ratio > 120 dB
Input sensitivity 750 mV
Power bandwidth (-3 dB) 410 kHz (-3dB)
Slew-Rate 160V/μs
Harmonic distortion at 1 kHz (50 W/ 4Ω / 22 kHz) 0.00039%
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