»Music and images together with the Burmester 948 can only be described as follows: ingenious, masterful, simply brilliant.«HEIMKINO

The Power Conditioner 948 is one of our most innovative products and is the result of many years of basic research. Burmester Audiosysteme identified a very small level of DC voltage amounting to no more than a few mV DC, which is always and to varying degrees superimposed on the mains AC voltage, as the reason for the phenomenon of sound loss at various times of the day.

The patented principle for the loss-free elimination of these vestiges of direct current is an active amplifier system that works in parallel to the electric power supply, and this makes it possible to attach large amplifiers without the sort of power limitation that can have an adverse effect on the sound quality.

The 948 Power Conditioner adds three essential functions to your high-end setup. First, it provides you with active DC compensation. The patented circuit design, which does not limit the power supply to the attached devices, makes it possible to connect large amplifiers or even several large mono power amplifiers to the 948 Power Conditioner.

With traditional passive filters this would be either impossible or would lead to a loss of sound. These improvements in the sound are upheld throughout the day. Secondly, the 948 Power Conditioner has two 10A high frequency filters that can be applied to on or more of the eight sockets in order to prevent interference from reaching the attached devices. Thirdly, the 948 has eight radially wired electricity supply sockets, making an external socket board superfluous.



Technical Specifications:


Weight 17 kg
Dimension (W x H x D) 482 x 155 x 365 mm
Star-grounded power outlet 8
Active DC compensation without power limitation yes
REMOTE ON/OFF via Burmester units yes
RF filters to filter distorting RF noise 2
Phase indication of AC mains connector and sockets yes
Star-grounded protective earth conductor yes
Damping 6 dB at 2 kHz, 20 dB at 20 kHz, 65 dB at 100 kHz
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