The 956 MK2 stereo device complements the Burmester family of amplifiers that has been accorded numerous international awards. The high-quality internal cables enable the amplifier’s high current to flow unimpeded to the large loudspeaker terminals. Thus the sound of the 956 MK 2 amplifier is characterized by excellent specialization, musical warmth, and a minimal level of distortion.



Technical Specifications:

Weight 30 kg
Dimension (W x H x D) 482 x 191 x 482 (mm)
Stereo output per channel into 4Ω 240W
Mono output per channel into 4Ω 500W
Input 1 XLR
Input Impedance XLR / RCA 1.88kΩ / 13.6kΩ
Input Sensitivity (1V) 700mV
Frequency Response at rated output -3dB 0 Hz – 220 kHz
THD + N .005%
Damping Factor 3478
Signal-to noise-rate > 103dB
Gain 31.5dB
Bridgeable into mono operation by mono adapters yes
X-Amp yes
Bi-Amping via Bi-Amp adapters yes
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