909MK5 Power Amplifier


Since 1990, the 909 stereo power amplifier has been the pinnacle of amplifier technology. All other Burmester power amplifiers such as the 911, 956 and 036 - and our multichannel power amplifiers – are its direct descendants.

On account of its gigantic power, trade magazines consider this giant amplifier to be the non plus ultra of power amplifiers. This legendary amplifier certainly also owes some of its fame to its imposing appearance. The massive heat sinks with their silver anodized ribs are a global icon that stands for Burmester power amplifiers and their sophisticated and melodious sound qualities. The 909 power amplifier ensures the very best performance from any loudspeaker.



Technical Specifications:


Weight 80 kg
Dimension (W x H x D) 482 x 495 x 482 (mm)
Stereo output per channel into 4Ω 600W
Mono output per channel into 4Ω 1,930W
Input 1 XLR
Input Impedance XLR / RCA 1.7kΩ / 5.7 kΩ
Input Sensitivity (1V) 1.1V
Frequency Response at rated output -3dB 10 Hz – 220 kHz
THD + N 0.003%
Damping Factor 987
Signal-to noise-rate > 105dB
Gain 36.5dB
Bridgeable into mono operation by mono adapters yes
X-Amp yes
Bi-Amping via Bi-Amp adapters yes
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