634ears earphones have many unique features, but there has never been a flagship model that surpasses them.  So Musashi san of 634ears decided to take what he has learned from OBER, 8iTE, JAIB, RAIV, and SARN II for application in the development of a new flagship series - LOAK.

LOAK models are all-around performers which aim at delivering well-balanced and high-quality sound.

Design and production:

One single 10 mm dynamic driver is installed for each unit located at the front facing the nozzle exit and it allows the transmission to produce a strong high frequency range.

LOAK (T) models – Titanium + wood
LOAK is based on stainless steel, but we also have a front housing made of titanium.
While stainless steel produces a very clear and crisp sound, titanium is lighter, more neutral and has a gentle, silky sound. It is recommended for customers who want softer or more neutral sound.

Therefore, by combining it with wood in light specific gravity, the strength and harshness of the sound will be reduced.

Difference between closed and open type

CLOSED type has the same structure as general canal type earphones.

While compared to the OPEN types, it has a superior sound insulation and bass sounds could be produced more easily.  Sounds tend to be closer than Open types.

The OPEN type has the same structure as open-back headphones.

In comparison to CLOSED types, the sound insulation is weaker, but the high frequency range is easier to produce. It has nice extensions and wider in soundstage and headroom.

Common sound characteristics of LOAK:

。Clean and clear sound
。Nice and natural high frequency extension and sharpness
。Contour and delicacy of sound
。Elasticity and contour of the bass
。Good dynamics and layers

Front: Stainless steel
Rear: Stainless steel + wood (CLOSED)
The strongest and most energetic of the four LOAK models.
Nice attack and sharpness.