International Audio Holding, the globally renowned company behind the prolific brands Siltech and Crystal Cable, has its roots firmly in the landscape of Dutch engineering technology. Siltech's history starts well over three decades ago in the little Dutch town of Elst, near WWII-famous Arnhem, with the establishment of Siltech (Silver-Technology). When Edwin Rijnveld, electronic engineer by profession and music lover by heart, took over the company in the mid-nineties Siltech became the innovative brand as we now know it.



Creativity, learning and development are the core values of our brand.This enables us to constantly investigate what we can improve and to never stop experimenting. As we believe there is no end to our journey of perfectly recreating reality, our mission is to market products which are the best for everyone who loves music - regardless of their taste. In order to be able to create products that redefine high-end audio standards we take small steps of improvement from the moment we delivered a product so that the next product we develop results in a unique break-through in sound quality. We are, therefore, not bothered with conventional business rules of marketing new products every given period at the lowest cost price, as the only rule applicable on marketing new products in our brand is that it should be a true milestone of our journey.