Royal Double Crown Interconnect



Royal Double Crown interconnect uses more than twice the conductor diameter as Royal Single Crown, which lets the signal flow more naturally and distortion-free than ever. More of Siltech’s latest generation S10 monocrystal silver means even more transparency, body, and musicality.

The 6-core Hexagon construction in Royal Double Crown interconnect cables ensures the most efficient and symmetric wire distribution, which reduces inductance, while the wide-range shielding counters any interference from outside and offers vanishingly low capacitance. Even the grounding of Royal Crown’s interconnect cables is done with pure monocrystal silver wires.

Available with XLR and RCA connectors:

XLR – Oyaide Focus 1
RCA – Siltech-made SST Black with S10 monocrystal silver pin

Metallurgy: Pure S10 Monocrystal Silver
Construction: Hexagon
Insulators: Kapton, Teflon, Air Insulation Structure & Wide-Range Shielding
Cores: 6

* Other connectors are available