The all new successor of the worldwide praised TIDAL Contriva Diacera SE. We did not let things as they were, all is completely new with the Contriva G2. Like with iconic design classics improving does not mean changing. It means making dimensions and proportions better while strictly continuing and following the generic and unique design of it.

The cabinet is made out of TIRADUR™, TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material for this 102 Kg beauty. Also we equipped it with all new TIDAL-BCC drivers, a complete new cross-over design and an all new terminal with TIDAL’s completely new pure silver binding posts. The result is the very best midsize speaker we ever built.



The cabinet of the TIDAL Contriva is made out of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material TIRADUR. This cabinet material does combines the rigidity of hard materials such as metal with the resonance absorbing behavior of softer materials such as wooden materials like MDF.

It is the only advanced cabinet material allowing to use organic surfaces such as our famous polished veneers, as well as true polyester piano lacquer. So when you see the Contriva in the most beautiful pyramided mahogany, ebony macassar or our shiny black piano finish - don't make the mistake to think the cabinet is out of wooden materials or MDF.



The TIDAL Contriva has an Accuton 30mm pure diamond diaphragm tweeter. Not only it is the biggest diamond tweeter in the world, TIDAL also was the very first company at all using a 30mm diamond tweeter. While the driver itself offers already terrific qualities and is being installed in a massive housing out of polished stainless steel for optimized resonance control - only in combination with our unique TIDAL crossovers this driver can perform in way what we have become famous for.

Maybe interesting to know on a side note: this very same diamond tweeter technology is being used also in the worlds most exclusive car, the Bugatti Chiron.



TIDAL's exclusive BCC driver technology is the result of the Accuton TIDAL cooperation for more than a decade and are to find only in TIDAL speakers. The diaphragm itself is a special coated black ceramic diaphragm and uses a "short coil / long gap" neodymium motor perfectly designed for the hermetically sealed and asymmetrical designed midrange chamber of the Contriva.

Embedded in a special shaped ring out of hand polished massive stainless steel to avoid reflections form the protection grill, needless to say that this driver does guarantee absolutely no compromise for the performance and reliability.



Also the woofers in the TIDAL Contriva are the exclusive BCC drivers and are to find only in this very particular TIDAL speaker. The drivers was designed to play within the vented bass chamber with its big inner volume to play extremely deep, fast and without compression, at lowest and highest reproduction level.

The motor allows a very long and linear excursion of the both side coated black ceramic diaphragm, the hardest and yet lightest diaphragm technology in this size on earth yet.



The TIDAL Contriva is designed to be adapted for the deep bass response with our unique AEROTUNE system at the backside of the speaker, to play perfect at any room.
The massive ring out of hand polished stainless steel is not only our famous detail and does reflect our love to details, it is designed to control fluctuations from the air and does clamp the bass reflex port out of non-resonating material absolutely tight in to the TIRADUR cabinet.



Mounted in a hermetically shielded chamber: pure copper foil capacitors, coils of the same caliber, silver-carbon resistors - only the finest components with proven long time stability are used for our crossovers. Unfortunately, these components are also the most expensive ones and are custom-built for TIDAL. Whether any part must be that expensive is a meaningless question and, for one thing, not one that should arise from budgetary restraints. Only the final result is what counts to us and considerations of cost do not enter into the equation.

Our guiding principle is to present our customers with the highest possible degree of reality in musical rendition. Anything less is already amply available but does not meet TIDAL's demands. That is why literally every component is scrutinously evaluated and selected on the understanding that it has be the one without alternative for its specific purpose.



Like all TIDAL loudspeakers the Contriva has our unique pure silver binding posts. The complex construction out of a fibre-reinforced polymeric material avoids any inductive electromagnetic field and as conductor we use pure silver to guarantee the most little resistance and no loss nor change of the incoming music signal.

The massive metal feel of the knobs itself is coming from that it is hand polished and structured aluminum over an isolating part out of another polymer. The Contriva does allow single-amping, passive bi-amping and active bi-amping and the adjustment curve of the diamond tweeter.



As option the Contriva could be equipped with 4 massive stainless steel isolation feet per speaker, serial delivered with each pair. Each of it is milled out of a massive block of stainless steel and is hand polished to perfection.

One could mount the speakers in a parallel or sloped position. Needless to say that these massive metal parts are also 100% handmade here in Germany.



  • multi chamber cabinet made out of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material TIRADUR
  • 1 x 30 mm (1,2") diamond tweeter TAD-30 (an exclusive Accuton TIDAL cooperation)
  • 1 x 173 mm (7") BCC midrange woofer with SCLG underhung neodymium motor TACM-170 (an exclusive Accuton TIDAL cooperation)
  • 2 x 222 mm (9") long excursion BCC woofer TACW-220 (an exclusive Accuton TIDAL cooperation)
  • unique AEROTUNE-System, 2-times adjustable, makes it very flexible and uncritical in room placement.
  • passive crossover network with ultra low tolerance components, exclusive use of costume tailored Duelund-copper-capacitors, metalfilm-resistors, silver-carbon resistors,
  • air-core-inductors, ultra low resistance bass-inductor
  • passive crossover is microphonic and hermetically isolated in a separated chambers
  • total weight of the passive crossover construction: 16 Kg / 35 lbs.
  • adjustable diamond-tweeter curve (hard room-refections / soft room-reflections)
  • pure silver binding posts for perfect contact, isolated massive aluminum knobs on fiberglass isolation core, adjustable bi-wiring / passive bi-amping / active bi-amping double-terminal
  • special 5-part TIDAL stainless steel isolators
  • optional: 8 x trigger bars out of massive aluminum, black structured or high gloss polished, the position of the variofeet can be mounted in parallel or sloped back, both on the frontside and/or backside
  • serial cabinet finish: original TIDAL piano lacquer in midnight black
  • optional cabinet finishes: finest hand selected veneers in TIDAL's original transparent piano lacquer.
  • other finishes: on request
  • the TIDAL Contriva is being delivered in 2 x ATA-flightcase for the most safest transport


  • nominal power handling: 200 / 400 VA
  • nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
  • recommended amplifier power: > 30 watt. Very easy impedance load, no impedance drop below 4 ohm.
  • speaker dimensions: 126 cm x 27 cm x 48 cm / 49" high x 11" wide x 19" deep
  • dimensions with vario feet (from ground to top): 136 cm high / 53" high
  • speaker weight without packaging: 2 x 112 Kg / 2 x 246 lbs.
  • shipping weight with packaging: 2 x 146 Kg / 2 x 322 lbs.
  • shipping dimensions: 2 flightcases, each flight case is 148 cm length x 39 cm width x 61 cm height / 58" length x 15" width x 24" height