TIDAL - ultimate audio systems. Founded in 1999 with one goal: to build the finest audio systems in the world, defined by manufacturing unique masterpieces with jewelry finish, timeless sophisticated design and benchmark performance to reproduce music no less than lifelike.

Every detail, every single part and every step involved in making a TIDAL masterpiece exists in a world that is free from the bounds of cost optimization and budgetary limitations.

Sound, Design and Finish for us is nothing less then the three needed parts what the result of an audio system shall be. Melted together thru passion, finest craftsmenship and extensive engineering. The result is often said like this quote from the international audio press:
"...it showcased the capabilities of a manufacturer whose obsession with quality in design, materials, circuit concept, fit, finish, and musicality borders on the religious."



Real. True. Pure. Music. Our systems do not introduce any coloration, nor 'the sound of hifi'. We left such thing far behind. The performance of a TIDAL system is like no other and does know only one competitor: reality. Extended listening will reveal that our components do not suppress details, induce fatigue, or impart their own tonal character.

We recommend that you simply trust your own ears and listen to TIDAL to decide for yourself. Actual listening will quickly reveal inherent musical qualities that tests and reviews cannot effectively communicate. These claims may generate heightened expectations - we will easily exceed them.



Only when reduced to its essence things become perfect. TIDAL is only and all about noble esthetics and no cheap showmanship. The consequently timeless design of all TIDAL loudspeakers is the central part of each construction from the very beginning. Only when form and function make a perfect symbiosis, may it call itself a TIDAL.

Since from the beginning TIDAL masterpieces have proven to be independent of fashion trends, that come and go. A TIDAL will remain an eye-catcher for years. Iconic and always integrating itself with each living environment in an most asthetically pleasing way.



We have only one demand - perfection. And perfection does start with the first lasting impression. Our finishes are the result of many years of experience in proprietary surface treatment processes generating by far the best in class and forever lasting optical appearances. A TIDAL is not an average mass produced product of fluctuating quality, but a product that is crafted and constructed for eternity.

Each TIDAL masterpiece is carefully handcrafted from the beginning to the end. All this done for the feeling and pleasure of creating a product with gold standard finish. With the craftsman's personal signature, he guarantees a 100% perfection and quality. Just let your fingers glide over the noble varnish, examine each small detail and you will know what we mean by a perfect finish and why we are so famous for it.