The Grand Piano is a 3-way speaker and an exclusive cooperation model for Richcoln



• multi chamber cabinet made out of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material TIRADUR

• 1 x 30 mm (1,2") diamond tweeter

• 1 x 173 mm (7") BCC black-ceramic neodymium midrange woofer with low distortion long excursion motor design

• 2 x 173 mm (7") BCC black-ceramic woofers with low distortion long excursion motor design

• TIDAL-crossover with linear frequency response, lack of resonance behaviour of drivers and optimized step response and group delay

• passive crossover network with ultra-low tolerance components, exclusive use of Mundorf foil capacitors, metal film-resistors, air-core-inductors, ultra-low resistance bass-inductor

• passive crossover is microphonic and hermetically isolated in a separated chambers

• excellent low level listening reproduction

• pure silver binding posts for perfect contact

• 4-part TIDAL stainless steel isolators

• 8 x trigger bars out of massive stainless steel, high gloss polished

• cabinet finish: finest hand selected veneer in TIDAL original transparent piano lacquer.

• the TIDAL Grand Piano is being delivered in one ATA-flight case for the most safest transport

• nominal power handling: 150 / 300 VA

• nominal impedance: 4 Ohm

• recommended power amplifier: > 15 watt.

• Very easy impedance load, no impedance drop below 4 ohm

• speaker dimensions: 121 cm x 25 cm x 41 cm