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Since our inception in 1993, Audiophile Base has specialised in Vibration Control Technology to combat the detrimental effects of vibration energy on Audio and Home Cinema Equipment. This allows equipment to perform to its optimum level through improved stability.

To achieve this, first came the Base Vibration Control Platform, also known as an Isolation Platform, with its Patented design Suspension System. This provides dissipation of internal energy that is inherent in the equipment plus further protection from air-borne and structure-borne energies.

Then followed a range of Modular Frameworks, with lowered energy storage, to provide support for the Base Platforms. This further enhances the performance of the Platform and provides a multi-level support system for a number of pieces of equipment.

The Base Platform and StarBase Supports, sometimes known as hi-fi racks, are now universally recognised and have over the years received many accolades including a Gold Award and 5 Star ratings in the Hi-Fi Press. They are also highly endorsed by music enthusiasts who want to experience the reproduction of music as it was originally recorded.

A further addition to the Vibration Control Platform range is the StrataBase and to the Audio Support range is the AlphaBase for small equipment. Then at the other end of the scale is the QuattraBase Support for much larger equipment, therefore ever expanding the range to a widening audience of music and film lovers.

Newly introduced to the Traditional and Lifestyle Ranges are the BetaBase Audio Support and the BLESS (Base Lifestyle Equipment Support Stand).

Technical Development of the BASE Vibration Control System

Necessity has always been the mother of invention and the development of BASE platforms fits into this category.

Domestic requirements determined that a range of audio equipment should reside in a cabinet but sound quality could not be compromised and flexibility to accommodate the variously sized pieces of equipment was also necessary. A test bed cabinet was produced which went to great lengths to minimise resonances which might be transmitted to height adjustable shelves. This left the problem of a device which would control vibration, particularly high energy bass frequencies, and yet be capable of accommodation within a shelf.

Drawing upon previous experience with the design of a theatre roof ( seeking to minimise aircraft noise transmission with a light weight structure ) the theory of a two stage system was employed. Firstly control energies within a narrow frequency band and then target those frequencies for further reduction.

The final design is very simple and robust, a metal beam spans between two support points and is isolated from the platform with a Sorbothane strip which has two functions. It provides a fast, strong damping factor to vibration within the beam and additionally provides effective high frequency isolation. The success of the system is readily demonstrated by removing the beam suspension points and relying upon the Sorbothane alone, this causes the majority of the sonic benefits to be immediately lost. MDF is frequently used where an acoustically “dead” material is required, however, densities and qualities vary considerably from different manufacturers and our platforms are closely specified to ensure consistent performance.

The compliance of the beam, degree of damping and relative masses were fine-tuned by ear in the final analysis to provide all of the sonic benefits with the totally natural, uncoloured sound unique to BASE. The Audio Supports are specifically designed to house the platforms where a rigid, sturdy, “non-ringing” structure is required to be of appropriate mass.

We have yet to find any item of electronics, whether active or passive, which does not benefit to some extent from BASE mounting. Developments within our own reference loudspeaker design have fully met our expectations!

The UK Patent (GB2277789), European and US Patents have been granted.


Audible effects of unwanted vibrational energy, both ground and air borne, acting upon the electrical components within audio equipment are now fully recognised. An effective support solution for all audio equipment should be considered an essential requirement before any decision is made concerning accessories.

The combination of the vibrational factors which affect reproduced sound can be addressed with the Base Platform system to a successful resolution, thus imparting sonic improvements, offering wonderfully natural tonal characteristics with superb imaging and a dynamic, detailed presentation of transients even into the lowest bass frequencies.

The B01 and B02 Platforms are made from a single substrate (one layer of MDF) with the Beam Assemblies (patented suspension system) bonded into channels on the underside.

The Beam Assemblies respond to vibrational energy which is airborne, structure borne and internal to the equipment. This energy is dissipated by the beam assemblies in the form of heat and in so doing cleans up the audio path (see attached leaflet). The effect of this is to improve dynamics, bass extension and soundstaging from the added width and height to the music.

The StrataBase versions Strata I & Strata II are made up from two thin substrates that do not touch but are bonded together using an elastomeric membrane. The bottom substrate is given its rigidity using a bonded subframe with the Beam Assemblies bonded into two of the limbs. The effect of this laminated construction is to filter out energies reaching the Beam Assemblies which results in the energy dissipation being even more efficient. The result is that in addition to what the Base Platform achieves there is a more controlled and faster bass, improved separation and most importantly of all, is the added depth which gives a complete 3D effect.

Based on the same StrataBase construction principles the latest additions to the range are the StrataBase IV and StrataBase V.

Under the new pricing structure the StrataBase Platform is approximately twice the price of the normal Base Platform but the performance is rated as 3 times.

Technical Development of the StarBase Audio Support System

The ‘StarBase’ Open Frame Structure is an evolutionary development of the original ‘StandardBase’ Shelf Structure now discontinued.

The ‘StandardBase’ Shelf Structure was widely praised for its harmonious integration with the Base Vibration Control Platforms and formed the StandardBase Audio Support. The introduction of these ‘Second Generation’ Platforms achieved a new level of detail, ‘air’, and speed, without loss of the totally natural sound quality, which remains the overwhelming objective from our products.

The ‘StarBase’ Shelf Frames are designed to minimise internal resonances and energy storage, which combined with the aluminium Spacer Tubes form a rigid Support Structure for all of the Base Vibration Control Platforms.

The StarBase Audio Support compliments the Vibration Control Platforms perfectly and results in a further upgrade of a similar degree as achieved by the “Second Generation” Platform over it’s predecessor the original Base Platform. This combination of the Base Platforms and the StarBase Structure represents the highest level of performance so far achieved and the StarBase Audio Support is a ‘must’ to audition.

However, this was surpassed a few years ago by the introduction of the ‘StrataBase Platforms’ which raise the performance to new found heights. The ‘StrataBase Platform’ adds yet another dimension to the music reproduction by enhancing the neutrality along with providing depth of field, added bass extension and bass speed.