The custom built 8” woofer in the Sinfonias well damped cabinet guarantees the true reproduction of the lowest organ pipes as well as fast dynamic jazz tracks and most challenging modern music. For Sinfonia the unique developed midrange comprises the important vocal range and makes the listening to a symphonic orchestra to a breathtaking experience. A soft dome grants a very smooth and realistic high frequency reproduction without any disturbing sharp sounds.

The solid and heavy cabinet is created in a 3-layer 30mm sandwich construction covered by a layer of 14mm solid American walnut. A black acrylic panel polished to piano excellence on each side gives the speaker an elegant look and reduces resonances. The weight of 75 kg underlines how serious the cabinet concept is. One of the key focus points in the Peak speaker technology is to reduce resonances as far as ever possible, cost no object. Our skilled artisans spend than 80 hours with each set of speakers to ensure the mechanical and acoustical perfection. As all cabinet are manufactured in Peaks speaker workshop it allows a much more detail orientated approach than in an industrial cabinet factory.

Consequent and meticulous development of ultra high-end speakers needs professional measurements as well as countless listening session. Even the most perfect measured speaker might not sound good. The human ear can differentiate the smallest distortion, coloration, and phase problem in the music reproduction. In the Peak demo room, we listen a lot! The crossover components in Peak speakers are very specific and selected in endless listening tests. The Sinfonia crossover is mounted in the base of the speaker being acoustically isolated from the drivers. Argento terminals assures the perfect connection to the amplifier without limitations. As in all Peak speakers the impedance of the Sinfonia is leveled to a flat curve thus being an easy load allowing your amplifier to show its full potential.

Sinfonia is the choice for true music lovers listening to various music genres and choosing speakers that are second to none in quality and performance.


The Drive Units

Our handmade drive units are the ”beating hearts” of each Peak speaker built. Clearly, we use only the most sophisticated driver technology as regards to magnet technology, basket, voice coil or cone and dome materiel etc. As it is important with unique drivers to various purposes it´s essential that configuration of the driver accentuates the demands for the specific purpose. At Peak speakers we focus intensively on each part and component keeping the vision for the completed product and the overall performance in mind.

The Tweeters

All Peak speaker systems are designed with a 26 mm silk soft dome tweeter as this principle grants the best transient response and the most natural sound. These tweeters are handmade in Denmark with highest accuracy available due to cutting edge technology and highly skilled craftsmen. ​

  • A roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provide a flat frequency response to above 30KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion.
  • The unique magnet system consists of 6 neodymium magnets in a precise configuration that is far superior to the performance of traditional motors.
  • A unique rear chamber eliminates unwanted reflections and resonances.
  • The tweeters are matched within the smallest tolerances.

Midrange and the bass drivers

All Midrange and bass drivers in PEAK speakers are tailor made to fit the driver configuration required for each specific model. The drivers are extremely fast and move without any dynamic compression due to the mechanical construction and rear ventilation. These drive units are all hand build in Denmark.

Unique technologies:

  • One-piece sandwich molded cone that has no breakups and the ultimate balance in rigidity and damping.
  • Flow optimized diecast basket with internal magnet system minimalizing basket reflections.
  • Kapton voice coil with aluminum wire and hexacoil winding technology resulting in capability of high-power handling and minimum weight.


The Peak Cabinets

The cabinets for all Peak speakers are produced in house in our own artisan’s workshop. This supreme craftmanship is the DNA of Peak speakers originating from the outstanding Danish furniture tradition.

There are two main criteria for our cabinets:
The first is a construction that eliminates all resonances. In contrast to a musical instrument, where the resonance of the corpus defines the beautiful sound, a speaker cabinet must not have a sound itself. Resonances in speaker cabinets will affect the music reproduction. We put a lot of effort into eliminating resonances to least possible level where the music will not be affected.

Our cabinets are created from numerous layers of HDF affixed with special damping glue to a solid wall thickness above 30mm. Inside the cabinets we use several accurately calculated bracings making the cabinets extremely rigid. Furthermore, all cabinets are covered with a 14mm hard wood and acrylic finish. The extreme weight of Peak Speakers emphasizes these excessive measures.

The next step to a perfect cabinet is the rigorous finish and final esthetics. We use real hard wood in particular American Walnut as the finishing coat to our cabinets. Here it becomes obvious how thoroughly our artisans perform their skill! The Peak owner can see, feel and even smell this superior quality. The acrylic bar on the side of the speaker completes the timeless and elegant design.

All together a fully completed Peak cabinet is the perfect environment for our high-performance drive units. They are able to perform with no limitation in dynamics and musical balance presenting you to experience reality.

The Crossover

The crossover being a vital part of a speaker it may be difficult for the end user to understand what it does, and consists of, as it cannot be seen due to the internal location within the speaker. What is the exact purpose and why are Peak´s crossovers in a superior category of their own?

The crossover separates music signal into specific frequencies for each driver, adjusts the level of the drivers together and balancing the frequency response. All Peak speakers have an integrated equalization of the impedance making the impedance curve exceptionally flat. This causes a significant advantage for the amplifier as it easily can perform as intended not troubling with unwanted heavy loads.

Peak speakers are equipped with extreme high-quality components: capacitors, coils, and resistors. Most of these parts are handmade. Each driver section has it´s designated crossover meaning that Peak speakers contain of as many crossovers as they do drivers. To avoid microphonic effects the separate parts are mounted using a special damping glue together with the finished crossover being totally separated from the driver cabinet! This crossover philosophy means that no acoustic energy can influence or obstruct the intentions of the crossover. The selection of all crossover components and further development is done through countless listening session by our engineers in close cooperation with dedicated audiophiles. The sensitivity of human hearing is outstanding and as our ears can tell differences that can´t be measured it vital to the Peak team only to complete our extreme speakers with these extraordinary “tools” we all are equipped with.


Technical specifications:

 Design:  3-way ported
 Crossover Freq.:  450 Hz / 3.100 Hz
 Frequency response:  25 – 30.000 Hz  -3dB
 Sensitivity:  89 dB @ 1 w. / 1 m.
 Impedance:  5 ohms +/- 1 ohm, PLIC (Peak Linear Impedance Control)
 Dimensions (H x W x D):  114 x 30 x 46 cm
 Weight:  78 kg each