Look Back - Richcoln Company Ltd on Shantou Hi-Fi Show 2020



The 20th Shantou International Audio Exhibition in 2020 ended successfully at the Sheraton Shantou Hotel from November 27th to November 29th. As one of the representatives of audiophile event in China, Shantou ranks among the best in the country in terms of audiophile atmosphere, player appreciation level and consumption ability. The Shantou International Audio Show is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and influential boutique exhibitions in Chaoshan and even South China. Prior to this, it has successfully held 19 times and enjoys an excellent reputation and popularity in the industry. And this year, thanks to the strong rise of Shantou audio business groups and the enthusiasm ofaudiophile who have been able to completely release after the epidemic has stabilized, the exhibition is better than previous years in terms of popularity, scale and diversity of activities!

During the three-day exhibition, not only the top audiophile audio equipment from many countries and regions were exhibited, but there were also many exciting activities, allowing the audience to appreciate the fine audiophile inscriptions, there are also singer performance. There are also some master of the audiophile to help you increase your knowledge, so that the audience will not be in vain. This year, Richcoln Company Ltd(RCL) also gathered in Shantou with audio enthusiasts to spend a wonderful Hi-end weekend together.

As a frequent visitor to the Shantou Audio Fair, Richcoln Company Ltd(RCL) has joined hands with Shantou distributor Hongyin Audio this year. Bringing Burmester from Germany (Voice of Berlin), PMC from UK and Siltech from Netherlands (Siltech). It also appeared as the flagship products of various brands, which can be described as outstanding.

Flagship Display
At this Shantou Sound Show, the opening combination of Richcoln showroom is based on the British PMC's new flagship model fact fenestria large floor speakers, with the German "Berlin Voice" Reference Line series and a full set of Siltech cable demonstration.

Showcase List:
PMC Fenestria Loudspeaker
Burmester 069 CD Player
Burmester 077 Pre-amplifier
Buremster 909MK5 Power amplifier
Buremster 948 power conditioner

Fact fenestria is a new flagship speaker developed by PMC. It combines design, craftsmanship and aesthetics, and is the result of PMC's latest acoustic research and cutting-edge cabinet and unit design. The upper and lower two independent cabinets are symmetrically structured. Each cabinet is equipped with two 6.5-inch long-stroke woofers, and uses carbon fiber sandwich flat diaphragm. The air outlets on the upper and lower sides of the box are equipped with PMC's patented Laminair™ spoiler developed based on aerodynamic technology. A thick aluminum panel between the two sound cabinet in the recess, on which are embedded tweeters and convex midrange units.

"The loudspeaker you will never hear" is the direction of fenestria's design. It can effectively eliminate the resonance, sound staining and distortion generated by the speaker itself. The new cabinet design of fenestria is matched with the concept of vibration relief similar to the earthquake prevention of skyscrapers. The special design of the hanging side panels on both sides of the box can move in opposite directions, thereby suppressing the resonance of the box when the unit vibrates. With its top ATL transmission line bass loading technology, no matter what type of music is played, listeners can experience the realism of being on the spot.

With a full set of advanced products from the "Berlin Voice" Reference Line series. This combination of German boutiques and British monitors brings a full musical feast to the audience!

Burmester (Voice of Berlin) display area
In addition to Burmester's Reference Line products, this year's exhibition also showcased Classic Line's CD, amplifier and speaker products.

Siltech Cables Display Area
A series of cables of 35 Anniversary, Royal Signature, Classic Anniversary and Explorer, which are popular and first-class sound quality, were displayed. Noble tone and spotlessness are the sound characteristics of Siltech cables. When you meet Siltech cables, you will understand the beauty of three-frequency balance, transparent sound and incomparable clarity, so that the electronic equipment that cooperates with it can be maximized. So as to create a fairly transparent and complete sound field, listening to any record will make you more addicted to listening.

PMC display area
Moreover, the new PMC Twenty5i series leads in the static display area. This is also the first show of the series at the domestic audio exhibition! As a brand-new chapter of PMC's backbone product, PMC Twenty5 i series can be described as integrating the most core technology of PMC. Based on the widely acclaimed Twenty5 series, it incorporates a large number of flagship fenestria technologies and materials to further evolve the sound quality and improve the listening experience.

PMC SE series is born out of PMC's professional product line headed by BB5, and is built around three basic models: IB2, MB2, and BB5. It is the continuation and improvement of the previous "i" series. It is also the series with the most product models and the widest coverage in the entire PMC product line, and it is also recognized as the series most closely related to the professional product line.

Perfect ending
The happy time is always so short, and the three-day exhibition has ended. Here, we thank the organizers for their preparations and the enthusiasm and support of the enthusiasts. It is hoped that the momentum of the Shantou International Audio Show will continue in the future, and the promotion in the market will achieve greater success and Richcoln is bound to help it wholeheartedly to bring more authentic and flawless music enjoyment to audiophiles.