Burmester & KEF Audition

Date: 2012-12-12


A spectacular demonstration jointly hosted by Richcoln Company Limited and KEF took place at the Cubus KEF Store in Causeway Bay from 12th to 15th December 2012. Two systems were devised for this purpose. The first one was a HKD 1,000,000 + combination of the "Rolls-Class" Burmester 089 belt-driven CD player, 088 preamplifier, two 911 MK3 power amplifiers, 948 power conditioner and KEF's Blade speakers. The second system comprised Burmester's flagship products like the debuted 111 Musiccenter, 069 belt-driven CD player, 077 preamplifier, two 909 MK5 power amplifiers, 948 power conditioner and KEF's flagship "Muon" speakers, amounting to HKD 3,000,000! Admiring audiophiles praised the sonic performance highly and expressed great interest in the equipment.

During the intermission a release of new LP albums of Susan Wong, the Hi Fi Diva and the long missed Adia Chan drove the audition to a new height. The recordings were made in chapels and impressed the audience with a sense of being there. Mr. Au, our technical director, gave a detailed account of the demo systems and a few audiophile recordings chosen for the audition. The function was a success and enabled vast music lovers to dig deeper into the world of audio.