Sound from Berlin, Germany – Burmester 102 CD player & 032 integrated amplifier



Date: 2021-03-05


Article from "FIPLAY"

Burmester is able to achieve today's success. One of the important reasons is that it has an excellent team. like the old saying "A good company depends on good employees." Burmester's aggressive engineers are also music lovers. The aggressive creates a deep understanding of the responsibilities to customers. Any customer who purchases Burmester products becomes a part of Burmester company. The huge customer base has continued to patronize Burmester products over the years, and Burmester's Hi-End philosophy has been recognized and appreciated by users.

Of course, many friends will say that Burmester is indeed very good, but the high price will keep many players with limited budgets out of the door. In fact, Burmester will also launch corresponding products for different market positioning, but no matter what, the high quality is still It is an unchanging requirement. For example, the 102 CD player and 032 combined amplifier we appreciated this time have achieved the greatest balance between quality, price and Burmester sound style...


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