The result is incredible – Siltech Royal Signature and Classic Network Cable



Date: 2021-02-03


Article From《音響技術Audiotechnique》

In recent years, as music streaming has become more and more popular in the audiophile industry, there are more and more products related to network transmission in the market, but be reasonable, not every product with the "audiophile" banner is guaranteed must buy item. One of the more controversial products is the network cable, because the network cable is different from the digital cable in audio. The digital cable has the so-called jitter or signal loss, but the network cable won't be.

So what is the different between a CAT6 network cable and a "audiophile" level network cable?

Recently, Siltech of the Netherlands has launched two models in same time, they are entry-level Classic Network and the flagship Royal Signature Network Crown. The former uses Siltech's latest generation G9 gold-silver alloy as conductors, and each set of double lines is protected by independent shielding. The factory continues to use DuPont Teflon as the medium used in its products, and the outer body is protected by FEP nets. The plugs at both ends use German all-metal Telegärtner MFP8 Cat 6a RJ45, which provides 360-degree anti-interference shielding. As for the flagship Royal Signature Network Crown, the conductor adopts S8 mono X-tal Silver (S8 single crystal silver), the 4 pairs of twisted pairs are individually shielded and the medium adopts DuPont Teflon, and the wire body is protected with FEP mesh. The plug is the same as the Classic Network, using Telegärtner MFP8 Cat 6a RJ45, the wire body shape is twisted, and the wire weaving method is obviously different from that of the Classic Network.


發燒網線 VS 普通 CAT7 網線

與Siltech 兩條發燒線作比較參考是一條100港元有找的日本 Sanwa 27AWG ScTP CAT7 網線,理論上它可以應用在10Gb/s 的網絡上,用上 CAT7 是為了確保網線不會是速度的樽頸,而且較 CAT6 防干擾能力較高,合符我對音樂串流用的網線防干擾的要求。

我首先播幾首女聲,包括 Joan Baez (Diamonds & Rust) 和 Diana Krall (Stepping Out),Classic Network 相比那條普通 Sanwa 已經很明顯地少了一份毛躁感,音像亦立體了很多,跟伴奏音樂的分離度改善了不少,簡而言之,女歌手跟坐在皇帝位的我,中間好像少了一層薄霧,感覺她的嗓音變化比以前清晰,頓然讓我覺得匪夷所思,雖然我沒有答案,但事實擺在眼前,音效上的分別實在很明顯!

接著,我換上 Royal Signature Network Crown,再重播剛才的女聲音檔,Siltech 真的不是省油的燈,比 Classic Network 售價上貴上 7000 元 (85%),實實在在地提升了音像分析力,咀形變得更立體,線條更加細膩,空氣感亦明顯加強了,還有,我覺得連低頻的質感也有提升,音樂整體上給我一種平時串流較少給予我的耐聽感。如果要我比較 Royal Signature Network Crown 和 Classic Network,我認為前者整體音效比後者好上 20% 以上。

Royal Signature Network Crown 是最讓我這個古典音樂愛好者愛不釋手的,因為它給我的音樂細節極之豐富,大動態和微動態表現力超級強勁,低頻的質感也領我印象深刻。


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