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TIDAL aims to produce the most perfect speakers. The ultimate product design, technical craftsmanship, and sound performance have captured audiophiles from all over the world. Contriva G2 is an upgraded model of Contriva. Like the iconic design classic, improvement does not mean change, but to make the sound even better while strictly continuing and following its universal and unique design. If TIDAL's speaker is a work of art, it is definitely a product of the fusion of art and technology, sound and science.

TIDAL's new Contriva G2 speaker continues Contriva's three-way design, but adopts a new configuration from the cabinet to the unit and frequency divider. TIDAL understands the principle of cabinet design. There is no material in the world that can achieve both rigidity and damping. Therefore, the cabinet of Contriva G2 is made of Tiradur's new composite material, which combines the rigidity of metal materials and softer materials ( Wood materials such as MDF) absorb the characteristics of resonance, which can well control the harmful resonance generated inside the speaker, and make the unit work in the best state. The internal structure of the Contriva G2 box is very special, with a multi-chamber design to prevent the back waves of each unit from interfering with each other, and each Contriva G2 reaches an astonishing 102kg. The surface of the cabinet is polished. The surface of the cabinet is very beautiful like a mirror. The standard black piano lacquer surface is provided, and other finishes can be ordered.

Contriva G2 is a 3-way 4-unit design, consisting of two 9-inch woofers, a 7-inch middle and a 1.2-inch diamond tweeter. As the distance between TIDAL and Accuton is very close, as well as the relationship between two bosses, TIDAL's products can not only use Accuton's latest and best units, but also provide Accuton with suggestions for improvement or new design requirements. For example, the mid and woofer on the Contriva G2 uses Accuton's brand new BCC (Black Coated Ceramic) black ceramic long-stroke unit.

Like a live experience
This audition was also conducted in the Milan Room of the Elegant Music Garden, with a full set of Burmester's front-end for the Sound of Berlin-069 flagship CD player, 077 preamplifier and a pair of 909MK5 monophonic power amplifiers. First, listen to the "五虎封將" in "見龍卸甲". This is a percussion concerto that is extremely feverish. When the horn is played and the big, medium and small drums are played together, it is strong. The loud noise made the editors present startled. Don't mistake us for being overwhelmed by the sudden loud noise, but falling into the continuous loud noise with great sound pressure actually contains a lot of changes in rhythm details. Contriva G2 speakers use super analytical power to accurately reproduce the numerous and detailed information of the extremely complex music content. The entire music screen is so brilliant and brilliant, you will deeply feel the extremely high quality of Contriva G2, and at the same time You will understand why so many enthusiasts always love medium and large floorstanding speakers.

The impression that the diamond tweeter gives us is rich in detail and high in analysis, but often lacks a touch of fineness. There is no such feeling on TIDAL Contriva G2. While the details are clear, the sound is still delicate, especially when replaying violin works. This feeling is especially obvious: the high and low ends extend naturally and smoothly, and the sound field width and depth make Unexpectedly, the hall sound is rich in details, the violin playing is smooth and sleek, the sound is full, thick and beautiful, and there is no rough, hard, and sharp noise. Especially the ultra-high frequency parts that are the most difficult to perform in audio equipment, the crystal clear and translucent of the diamond tweeter, the thickness and density of the intermediate frequency, and the strength and transient response of the low frequency have superb performance, which completely reproduces the vividness and vividness of music. It vividly expresses the space of the performance and recording scene.

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