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Date: 2020-10-07


Article From《Home Theather Tech》

The most dazzling part of TIDAL's current speakers is the diamond diaphragm unit. Use on tweeter and middle unit of AKIRA. It should be noted that on the official homepage of TIDAL, its diamond diaphragm unit is specially emphasized as "pure diamond", pure diamond (CVD, man-made diamond), which is different from other claims to be diamond diaphragm units but in fact diamond coating units. There is a stark difference. The advantage of pure diamond is that it has better rigidity and is not easy to be deformed when a large signal is input. But the weight of the diaphragm will increase accordingly, so the driving force and damping coefficient of the power amplifier are more demanding. The diameters of AKIRA’s tweeter and midrange unit are 1.3 inches and 5 inches, respectively. 1 carat (0.2 g) and 13 carats (2.6 g) of diamonds are used respectively, so the diamond diaphragm part of a speaker uses a total of 14 Carat diamonds, a pair of speakers requires 28 carats of diamonds. For those who are familiar with diamonds, how much does the market price of 28 karat diamonds cost!?

When I listened to TIDAL AKIRA speakers, the amplifier and CD player were both Burmester products. Among them, the power amplifiers is two 909MK5, and then bridged into mono mode to drive, the purpose is to give AKIRA speakers more power. Burmester's sound style is also very distinctive, pursuing fast and clean bass and bright midbass, which is a kind of cold-tuned sound quality.

Using a full set of Berlin Sound equipment with TIDAL AKIRA speakers, the sound characteristics between the two are not mutual neutralization, but the enhancement effect produced by superposition. The overall sound of the sound presented can give me the feeling of brilliance to describe. The brightness and freshness of its middle part is very high. Its bass part mainly emphasizes the speed and response speed of the mid-bass, rather than deep and powerful bass extension. The bass part sounds clean, fast and tight. , So its bass power performance is always on the spot...

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