PMC Twenty5.26i floor speakers


Date: 2020-08-24


The content is compiled from "HiFi Review"

PMC fact fenestria's research, development results and experience were immediately applied to other models in the fact series, so the model was changed to fact signature. Similarly, twenty5 evolved into twenty5 i series, which was also influenced by fact fenestria.

Compared with twenty5 26, twenty5 26i has two obvious changes. The first item is the base: the foot of twenty 26 is made of wood, and there is a cork sheet between it and the sound box for damping and buffering. In twenty5 26, the foot is replaced with two thick metal bars, and the buffer ring still exists; now For the twenty5 26i, this cushioning part is replaced with a double damping ring. This change is said to be borrowed from fact fenestria.

Twenty5 26i is a three-way three-unit floor loudspeaker. Its tweeter is still produced by PMC's long-term partner Norwegian famous factory SEAS. The name is also SONOMEX and the diameter is still 19mm. However, this is the latest version of the twenty5i series. Observed the new version of SONOMEX tweeter, grille has more smaller holes protective cover than twenty5; the appearance of the panel has also been changed, and it is bent inward close to the unit to form a very shallow wave guide... ...


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