Open, spacious and straightforward - the Peak Consult Empress VII floorstander


Date: 2016-03-23


Peak Consult is a Danish manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers hand built with conventional craftsmanship. Per Kristoffersen, the founder, has succeeded in creating high-end loudspeakers peculiar to Peak Consult by tackling and overcoming the drawback of loudspeaker design. The "Empress VII" under evaluation continues Peak Consult's tradition of craftsmanship. The combination of using selected high-grade drive units, rigid enclosure and sophisticated crossover network built with audiophile-grade components creates an ideally designed loudspeaker that features a wide, flat frequency response and an almost constant impedance across the full frequency spectrum. In terms of sonic performance, the Empress VII delivers extremely low distortion and neutrality without dynamic compression. Soft notes are clearly palpable with density. Spaciousness and ambient are reproduced accurately, yet without exaggeration. The spirit of recorded music can be revealed with accuracy and ultra high fidelity in music reproduction is accomplished.

Extracted from a review of February 2016 issue, New Audiophile magazine


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Product Peak Consult Empress VII