Burmester BA71 floorstanding loudspeaker


Date: 2015-05-13


Housed in the upper portion of BA71's enclosure are two 160mm mid/bass drivers surrounding an air-motion transformer tweeter (AMT), a typical D'Appolito configuration. Mounted in a separate chamber below are four 160mm woofers. On the rear is an AMT to enhance spaciousness and a control knob for continuous adjustment of ambience level and high frequency amplitude and harmonics. Speaker cable connection is accomplished via two sets of binding posts to facilitate bi-amping or bi-wiring.



Evaluation was conducted in the Elegant Music Garden using a source component by Metronome and Burmester amplification, with ambience level set at Step 1 (totalling 10 steps).


The silent background of the Hugo LPCD45 recording was apparent. Both violin and piano were placed in a right perspective. The solo violin exhibited an extravagant, warm tone colour, with beautiful and truly shiny overtones.


"Fanfare for the Common Man" in the Wilson Audio Reference CD is a challenge to audio systems, demanding highly for balance and power. Brasses were dazzling and powerful. Bass was ample and reproduced with ease, as if the BA71 were equipped with a turbo energizer.



How ingenious is the sound of the Burmester BA71? 

  1. Strings are first-rate, with solid imaging, micro-dynamics in bowing, specificity, almost perfect spaciousness of the recording venue.
  2. No musical details are lost amidst extremely high sound pressure level.


Listening to the BA71 is a sheer musical enjoyment, making one forget that this is sound reproduction.


Reviewed by AV Frontline journal


PDF Burmester BA71 floorstanding loudspeaker


SPEC Burmester BA-71