Soundsmith, in a class of its own


Date: 2014-10-24


"The Strain Gauge is the flagship product of Soundsmith. It could also be interpreted as a displacement sensitive or piezoelectric cartridge. Quite different from the usual MM or MC cartridges, there are no coils or magnets inside the Strain Gauge, while they all have a cantilever and stylus. When the cartridge is moving along the tracks on the LP, the cantilever will put pressure on two sensitive silicon crystal pieces that change in resistance as the cantilever moves with the modulation of the groove. The crystals’ changing resistance modulates the current flow through them, creating the audio signal. Due to the absence of coils or magnets, the moving mass is extremely low and therefore the Strain Gauge can allow far greater sonic micro-detail resolution…"

PDF Soundsmith, in a class of its own

SPECS Soundsmith SG-200/SG-210