Hi-Fi Choice Recommended|Chord Company EpicX speaker cable



Date: 2024-03-20


Building on the design of Chord’s OdysseyX speaker cable, the EpicX adds a high-frequency combination shield and translucent PVC jacket for an improved performance. The twisted-pair cable uses silver-plated 12 AWG oxygen-free copper in both of the conductors, which are insulated with an XLPE dielectric. The EpicX is then screened utilising a high-density foil and 93 percent coverage metal braid. It is sheathed in a translucent brown outer PVC jacket and at each end the two wires are separated and finished off neatly in a ‘trousers’ configuration. They can either be supplied factory terminated with Chord Company ChordOhmic plugs or terminations fitted by participating dealers that have access to Chord’s ChordOhmic Hex Gun tool – allowing for tailor-made lengths.

Using the cable between my valve monoblocks and transmission line speaker, my 15IPS copy-master tape from UltraAnalogue Recordings featuring a live recording of Alena Baeva and Vadym Kholodenko playing Schubert’s Rondo Brilliant in B minor, Baeva’s sprightly and energetic violin flows effortlessly with a commanding brilliance. Kholodenko’s piano adds another dimension, ensuring that the two instruments integrate quite beautifully.

X marks the spot
The EpicX effortlessly delivers the commanding authority and power of the performance and conveys the air and space of the recording hall. The clarity and dynamics of the instruments are in perfect proportion to the ambience of the environment, all of which is impeccably recreated in my listening room.

Listening to Pierre Gossez’s Come Bach, the final movement from Sonata is a Jacques Loussier composition played on the saxophone with harpsichord, piano and drums. I am rushed along by the energy of the track, while all of the instruments are crystal clear and well defined. The EpicX is excellent value for money for a screened speaker cable and really delivers a high-quality sound.