Hi-Fi CHOICE Recommended|Chord Company EpicX ARAY analogue interconnnect



Date: 2024-01-30


Building on the design principles of Chord’s Shawline, the upgraded EpicX ARAY has a similar design, but uses heavier gauge, silver-plated conductors with improved internal geometry. It features Chord’s unique ARAY technology and also benefits from the use of the latest XLPE (Crosslinked Polyethylene) insulation. The cable retains the same shielding architecture as its predecessor.

The Chord offering has heavy gauge silver-plated, multi-strand, oxygen-free copper conductors. These are sheathed in a PVC jacket designed to minimise noise.

The EpicX ARAY cables are terminated with ChorAlloy-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs. The upgraded ChorAlloy multi-metal plating system is intended to provide significant musical improvement over previous silver-plating techniques. Chord considers that any presence of silver sulphide (which is the only sulphide of silver) in standard silver-plating material can give rise to intermodulation effects at high frequencies, and its ChorAlloy can overcome these negative effects.

Versions of the interconnect fitted with DIN or XLR connectors are also available. It comes supplied in lengths of 0.5m and 1m as standard, with custom measurements or terminations available on special order.

Silence is golden
I connect the EpicX ARAY between my valve preamp and monoblocks, and play a copy-master tape of Mendelssohn’s Octet performed by The Locrian Ensemble. The silences at the start and between the movements are super-quiet and the instrument positioning and dynamic range when the ensemble plays are superb. The location and focus of all the instruments in my listening room are also spot on.

Turning to my record deck, I play Easy Living with Archie Shepp on the sax and Mal Waldron on piano. The top end of the saxophone is smooth and refined, and both are clear and have great presence. The EpicX ARAY is a top-quality interconnect that really delivers elegant and sophisticated performances.