Hi-Fi Choice recommended |Chord Company SignatureX TunedARAY analogue interconnect



Date: 2023-11-29


Twenty-five years on from the original handmade SignatureX, the new SignatureX Tuned ARAY has been upgraded with XLPE (Crosslinked Polythene) insulation, which was previously used in the SignatureXL speaker and power cables. This upgraded insulation is intended to complement Chord’s high-performance shielding architecture and Tuned ARAY conductor geometry technology.

The SignatureX Tuned ARAY is terminated with ultra-low-mass RCA connectors that have PTFE surrounds. Versions of the interconnect fitted with high-performance XLR and DIN connectors are available as well as a variety of different tonearm cables. The pins and contact areas of the plugs are covered with the company’s patented ChorAlloy plating technology.

The cable itself is made from multistranded, silver-plated oxygen-free copper and insulated with an XLPE dielectric. It has a high-density silver-plated braid and foil combination to provide high-frequency shielding.

Under pressure
Using the SignatureX TunedARAY to connect my valve preamp to the valve monoblocks, I start auditioning with Don’t Misunderstand sung by Thelma Houston and Pressure Cooker. The dynamics of the recording are amazing and the music is conveyed with an effortless refinement. Image placement of the instruments is superb and the width and depth of the soundstage is impressively vast.

Interpreti Veneziani performing Vivaldi’s Bassoon Concerto in A minor has fabulous instrument placement and I am able to locate all eight players across my room. I can also clearly hear the breathing behind each note of the bassoon, which positively adds to the overall realism of the presentation.

In short, the SignatureX Tuned ARAY fully justifies its price tag as a high-performance analogue interconnect that delivers refined performances regardless of genre.