Hi-Fi Choice recommended|Chord Company OdysseyX speaker cable



Date: 2023-08-29


Using the same materials as the company’s RumourX (HFC 447) speaker cable, Chord’s OdysseyX features heavier gauge conductors. This is to improve the dynamic range and detail of the music. The conductors are made from silver-plated oxygenfree copper and arranged in a twisted pair configuration inside the PVC outer sheath. The OdysseyX has an 8mm white PVC outer jacket and is flexible enough to fit around the corners of the room. It is insulated with XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene), which the company considers to be better than using a PTFE dielectric material.

I connect the OdysseyX cable between my transmission line speakers and valve monoblocks and commence listening with Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade played by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Rudolf Kempe. The symphonic suite opens with a stern and commanding performance of the first movement played on the strings, tuba and woodwind instruments, which swiftly progresses into a gentle section played on a solo violin.

X marks the spot
As the piece builds to a climax with the whole orchestra in play, the dynamic range is well handled by the OdysseyX. I have no sense that the speaker cable is in any way limiting the climaxes of the music. The violin solos are clear and not at all harsh and the soundstage in the full orchestral sections is wide and deep. A splendid performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto In A Major K662 by the London Symphony Orchestra continues the good work, illustrating just how well the OdysseyX conveys all of the energy and excitement of the recording. The violins are particularly commanding and real in my listening room. When the clarinet solo kicks in, it flows melodically and with a confident authority.

In conclusion, the OdysseyX speaker cable presents well-balanced performances across a wide range of different types of music.