Acoustic Signature - Barzetti review by What HI*FI?

Date: 2014-04-14


"Acoustic Signature may be a new name to many readers, but this high-end German brand has been available in the UK for over seven years, albeit in a low-key way. The brand’s new UK distributor, Air Audio Ltd, wants to make more impact. With products like this, we think it has a good chance. This is a beautifully built turntable that oozes quality, from the black gloss finish on its 50mm-thick MDF plinth to the immaculately machined aluminium platter. The platter weighs in at 6kg, and sits on a clever bearing that combines a hardened steel shaft, carbide ball bearing and a housing that uses ‘sintered’ bronze (a material made from compacted powder), and a material called Tidorfolon – an exotic combination of teflon, titanium, ferrite and vanadium..."

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