Chord Company - Shawline Power Chord mains cable



Date: 2022-09-26


MADE FROM 3 x 14 AWG highpurity multi-strand copper conductors with a parallel conductor layout, the Shawline has PVC internal and external insulation along with a high mechanical damping factor. Surrounding the conductors is a dual-layer high-frequency braid and foil combination shield. The cable is finished off with an elegant grey high-density vibration-damping outer jacket.

The supply end is terminated with a 13A UK mains plug fitted with a 13A fuse and a 13 or 16A IEC plug at the other end. The cable is available in standard lengths of 1m, 1.5m and 2m, while custom lengths and terminations, including Euro, Schuko, Australian and USA mains plugs, are available to order.

I connect the Shawline to my phono stage preamp and there is no real evidence of mains-borne interference – something I am often aware of when using standard ‘kettle leads’.

Balancing act
Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2 highlights the excellent front-to-back imaging with this recording. The balance between piano and orchestra is perfect, and the piano is never swamped by the orchestra. The performance somehow has more excitement and energy, especially during the climatic ending.

A superb recording of JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations played by Trevor Pinnock has all of the sophisticated elegance I am used to hearing. The tonal complexities of the instrument really come to life in my listening room with the Shawline installed. This is an excellent power cable that delivers real sonic benefits.