Ascendo was founded in 1999 by three partners with the idea of building a time coherent loudspeaker that sounds perfect in all different seating positions. In order to achieve that, Ascendo developed a variety of patented technologies optimizing the timing behavior of a loudspeaker to act acoustically as one single driver. Numerous ongoing awards given by the industry’s most prestigious opinion leaders confirm, that their goal leads in the right direction of building the “perfect” loudspeaker.

Other working areas of Ascendo are the development of DSP Algorithms mainly for room acoustic processors and the field of Pro Audio where Ascendo developed the Room Tools Measurement Software that helps to take an acoustical fingerprint of a room and evaluate the acoustical characteristics of this room for further optimization. It is also used worldwide to optimize concert halls, Radio Studios, Record Labels such as BMG, Deutsche Grammophon, Deutsche Telekom or for Road tunnel acoustic damping optimization.

Ascendo analyzes and plans acoustically optimized rooms such as recording studios and the rooms of serious music lovers. The non-loudspeaker related areas give Ascendo the advantage of mastering the complete loudspeaker- Room interaction, which in return allows Ascendo to build some of the most serious loudspeakers.