SMS Subwoofer


Technical Data:

The SMS15 is an extremely powerful, direct radiating, slim subwoofer for cinema applications.It has a custom built 15 "(38cm) woofer with solid cast iron frame which is mounted in a direct radiating vented enclosure. This enclosure plays down to the lowest octaves with a linear frequency response. The woofer uses a 10cm voice coil and has amazing 30mm linear excursion. This compared to most competitors almost double excursion leads to the authoritarian and tight bass even at seismically low frequencies. The SMS15 is easily capable if required, to shake the room with might and force. His lowest usable frequency is 23Hz , (individual tuning to 16Hz is available on request).The 15 "woofer is powered by a newest generation Class D amplifier driven and controlled by a very powerful DSP., The highly efficient Class D amplifier is passively cooled.Enclosure: The SMS15 enclosure with a massive 44mm thick front panel is built from sturdy MDF and braced extensively. The net volume of the housing matched to 28 Hz is 125 liters. The very large flow-optimized bass-reflex port reduces air turbulence.


Amplifier 1000 W
Ethernet AVB 100/1000 Mbs, 2 ports, internal AVB switch
Input Sensitivity / Impedance 8 dBu / 20 KOhm
Mains (Overvoltage Protection > 250V) Wide Range Power Supply 85-265 V / 45-65 Hz
Average current draw (1/3 full power) 1.3 A
Standby Mode Consumption 5W
Maximum SPL (1m/continuous) 125 dB / 130 peak
Frequency response (-10 dB) 23 Hz – 100 Hz
Components Coaxial transducer LF 38 cm, 15” woofer
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1040 x 600 x 340 mm
Net weight 70 Kg

MDF with 44 mm front and internally braced.

Front steel grille with grey cloth.

High resistant black matt Polyurea paint.