Technical Data:

Acsendo is to showcase a truly revolutionary approach for high end home cinema applications: the Ascendo Kino System. The Ascendo Kino provides for the very first time a complete digital and networked based approach for the distribution of the audio and video content in a high performance home cinema. The system comprises a dedicated video server with networked attached storage (NAS drive) plus the revolutionary Ascendo CCRM Kino speakers that connect just via Ethernet AVB directly to the Ascendo video server. This radical approach provides some serious advantages over traditional solutions:Coaxial Cinema Reference Monitor (CCRM)Ascendo CCRM Loudspeakers are the first Cinema-sound speakers to employ AVB Integration but the technology also is at the heart of all fully active AVB enabled Ascendo loudspeakers. Since CCRM Loudspeakers have more intelligence than a rack-mounted speaker-management system, you don’t need any external processing devices.It’s all built in, including audio streaming, graphic and parametric EQs, a delay, and a limiter, all of which can be controlled wirelessly.All CCRM speakers offer two AVB enabled Ethernet ports for high-resolution digital audio transport and networking ability with other AVB standard equipment. For compatibility with the old world and non AVB users, the speakers feature also regular balanced XLR inputs.Every CCRM and SMS product includes wired LAN networking communication that connects to your Ethernet-based LAN network for total control and command functionality. A Network Setup Wizard automatically detects each speaker and allows you to quickly connect to your network.Once connected, you can create, edit, save, and recall speaker-setup parameters. The operating system agnostic GUI resides in each individual CCRM and SMS speaker and offers easy access to the world class setup feature with individual control of many important parameters.It also lets you monitor the systems onboard key performance indicators. Signal processing is controlled via the intuitive GUI allows configuration and control for: signal routing and mixing, equalization, filtering, dynamics, delay and much more.

Amplifier 750 + 250 W
Ethernet AVB 100/1000 Mbs, 2 ports, internal AVB switch
Input Sensitivity / Impedance 8 dBu / 20 KOhm
Mains (Overvoltage Protection > 250V) Wide Range Power Supply 85-265 V / 45-65 Hz
Average current draw (1/3 full power) 1.3 A
Standby Mode Consumption 5W
Maximum SPL (1m/continuous) 125 dB / 130 peak
Frequency response (-10 dB) 55 Hz – 20 kHz
Components Coaxial transducer LF 30 cm, 12” woofer
1” compression driver HF 1,75” Neodymium TiN coated titanium diaphragm
Crossover Frequency 1200 Hz active
Directivity (H x V) 90º x 90º
Dimensions (H x W x D) 620 x 410 x 240 mm
Net weight 20 Kg

MDF with 30mm front and internally braced.

Front steel grille with grey cloth.

High resistant black matt Polyurea paint.