Technical Data:

The combinations of conventional speakers and individual listening environments show spectrally inhomogeneous sum-reverberation times. With TOS these sum-reverberation times are homogenized.

TOS is the driver based optimization of sum reverberation times. The TOS devices of ASCENDO are due to their parametric without loss implementable into existing devices.

The homogenization of the reverberation times improves the spatial imaging and soundstage. The long-term listening is facilitated.

TOS - for the listener.

PrincipleTOS-Gruppe magnetostatenbasiert
Dimensions (W/H/D)

Enclosure: 22,8 / 113 / 10

Foot: 31,4 / 1 / 28,4

Total: 31,4 / 114 / 22,8

Weight22 kg
Frequeny Range2 kHz - 22 kHz
PowerDepends on set-up
Impedance38 Ohm
Sensivity89,5 dB/W/m
TOS DriverRibbon Tweeter
TOS UnitSwitch-able (TOS Driver ON / OFF)

Piano lacquer black

Other colors in piano lacquer on demand

Foot: Polished stainless steel