C8 Renaissance

Technical Data:

The floorstanding monitor C8 Renaissance combines the advantages of an omni-directional point-source radiator with the extended bandwith signal integrity of Ascendo’s patented SASB-Technology: impeccable homogeneity and ultra low bass capability.The C8 Renaissance provides perfect impulse response and so delivers accurate holographic imaging complemented by defined and powerful low bass performance. Its wider bandwith, linear frequency response and inherent smoothness go far beyond other speaker systems’ capabilities.The immaculate C8 Renaissance reproduces the acoustic imaging of recordings with perfect accuracy. The back firing TOS Unit allows adjustment to varying decay times of different listening rooms.This flexibility ensures true reproduction and perfect signal integrity from near field to free field setups.


Three-Way with SASB bass unit (TOS Off)

(current damped outer driver with semi symmetrical band pass)

Four-Way with SASB bass unit (TOS On)

Dimensions (W/H/D)

28 / 80 / 40 (without Base)

28 / 108 / 40 (with Base)

Weight 35 kg
Power Rating 350 W
Impedance 6 Ohm
Sensivity 88 dB / 1W/m
Outer Chassis (COAX)

25 mm Neodymium-fabric-tweeter

18 cm Woofer with XP cone

Inner Chassis 21 cm Chassis, Kevlar cone
TOS Chassis Ribbon-tweeter
TOS Function switchable (TOS Unit - Dipole AN / AUS)
Sockets Single / BiWiring
Manual Download