Technical Data:

As a true point source, the C6 stand s out with a holographic reproduction and homeogeneity acoustical spaces.Her very living-room friendly dimensions paired with the bass power of much bigger louspeaker systems make her a first choice for lifestyle oriented customers with high quality standards. The time behavior is perfect in a wide frequency range, this means that all frequencies arrive at the same time at the listening position.Due to its design, the C6 can be placed in listening rooms very close to the wall. Of course, it also plays very well free standing by flipping the positioning switch.Even with very difficult floors, that tend to be a second source of sound, the C6 can perform very well. This is due to its base being decoupled by special Finite Elemente dampers from the louspeaker enclosure and the base being decoupled again from the floor.

Principle Two-Way vented
Dimensions (W/H/D) 20 / 90 / 21 cm (with Base)
Weight 17 kg

Shield COAX

25 mm Neodymium-fabric-tweeter

18 cm Woofer with XP cone

Frequency Range 44 Hz - 25,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Power 80 W Program (min)
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