System F MK2

Technical Data:

The System F combines four basic Technologies:

SASB Current-damped woofer and semi-symmetrical band pass.

BACYC Balanced Cylinders Configuration VTA Variable Time Alignment.

TOS Driver based optimization of total reverberation times.

The combination of these technologies results in the Wideband signal fidelity and perfect transient response of the System F.

Homogeneity and spatial resolution for the listener to experience.

Space and Listening

From near wall to free field set ups with a high amount of diffuse sound, the wide range of System F covers all situations. Here SASB, BACYC, VTA, TOS and the individual listening room work together.

BACYC is a technology, developed by ASCENDO to optimize the spatial dispersion. The BACYC directivity of two different spectral weighted cylindrical waves causes a minimization of the acoustic influences.

The TOS group is consequently switchable. This integrated unit does take into account spectrally inhomogeneous sum reverberation times. The complete System offers two customized modes to fit individual listening environments.

BASYC and TOS.It can be switched between the characteristics of the weighted cylinder waves and the characteristics of a dipole. In different listening conditions the signal reproduction is excellent.


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