Technical Data:

The SUPERLUMIS D is a high-end compact 3-chip DLP® home theater projector system consisting of two customized Grand Cinema™ SUPERLUMIS HC projectors with SIM2's motorized Sliding Filter System inside the optical engine allowing dual projector mode (2D or 3D). The use of this automatic double filter (SFS) allows the use of two different color gamuts on each product. Filters included are INFITEC 3D and HDTV (Rec. 709). Other filters can be ordered to create a truly customized product. The SUPERLUMIS dual-projector system not only allows for accurate calibration of each of the left/right channels, but also enables a higher light output to be realized. The SUPERLUMIS, when working in 2D dual mode, is able to output up to 10,000 ANSI Lumens, with a Full On/Full Off contrast ratio over 25,000:1. Standard cabinet color: SIM2's classic high gloss Gun Metal finish.


Active/passive 3D System: 2 x SUPERLUMIS customized projectors

3D 3-chip Full HD (1080p) DarkChip4™ DLP® chipset

Patented ALPHAPATH™ light engine

3D active technology (144Hz)

SIM2's motorized Sliding Filter System (SFS)

INFITEC 3D filters

SIM2 DynamicBlack™ Technology (2D only)

350W dimmable lamp

>25,000:1 contrast ratio (in 2D dual mode)

Brightness up to 10,000 ANSI Lumens (in 2D dual mode)

Live Colors Calibration 2.0 software

Dual HDMI inputs

Projector mounting bracket assembly with micro-metric adjustment capability

Single projector weight 11Kg.

Shipping weight 19Kg. (single projector)

Dimensions (WxHxD) 459 x 210 x 455mm (single projector)

3D VISUS Active glasses & emitter (4 pairs)

3D INFITEC passive glasses (2 pairs)

Cabinet color finish: High gloss Gun Metal (standard) – high gloss and matte red, black or white

AVAILABLE in High Brightness (5,000 lm – in 2D and HDTV color space mode) and Extended Contrast (3,800 lm) versions. Please specify HB or EC at time of order.


T1: 1.37 – 1.66:1

T2: 1.82 – 2.48:1

T3: 2.60 – 3.90:1