For the body we have chosen three-coated wood of Bamboo. Bamboo has according our intensive studies until now the best behaviour regarding reductions of vibrations. With the three layers of the Bamboo we followed our technology of MLA (Multi Layer Adjustment), to achieve a maximum of broadband filtering of vibrations. For the feet we use our PRO-fessional feet with 4 layers, which are Sorbothane, rubber and granulate of cork-rubber in two different heights.

Additionally we have on the upper and lower side 3mm aluminum plates, which are spirally mounted with an damping polymer adhesive

Totally the base consists of 11 layers of different absorber layers. So the Powerbase is very extensive and costly in production, but with an excellent sonic result.


The complex structure of the PRO feet

The layer from top to down







Massive aluminum corpus as separation layer

1mm granulate of cork and natural rubber


Natural rubber

Disc of aluminum as separation layer and for horizontal stabilsation

2mm granulate of cork and natural rubber



- 30mm wood of Bamboo with 3 layers
- 3mm fine anotized aluminum on the upper and lower side
- 3 MLA Absorber feet; high adjustable
  Size L and XL has 4 MLA absorber feet


Dimension: Height 64 mm
  S      250 x 300 mm   (WxD)
  M     440 x 350 mm   (WxD)
  L      500 x 400 mm   (WxD)
  XL    560 x 460 mm   (WxD)
Weight: S: 2,8 kg   M: 5,6 kg   L:  7,6 kg   XL:  9,5 kg
Loadable: S and M bis 55 kg   L and XL  bis 70 kg
Color: black, Bamboo nature