NEW  TALIS Next generation Loadspeaker feet  - Spike replacements

TALIS ensures effective elimination of ground vibration. This vibration originate from the speakers and manifests itself in your Hi-Fi system in the form of harmful microphonics.

We offer the TALIS in 2 versions

The absorber material in the BASIC version uses a ring of cork and rubber granules.

The PRO version includes a slice of the polymer Sorbothane®, which is separated by a sheet-like insert (purple) between the cork and rubber ring. The selective separation of the two absorber layers ensures further improved absorption.

For optimum load matching, we offer 2 sizes of feet:

Max. Load: TALIS Basic M up to 50kg / set
  TALIS Basic L up to 400kg / set
  TALIS PRO M up to 50kg / set
  TALIS PRO L up to 400kg / set
Diameter: TALIS M   42mm 
  TALIS L   55mm
Screws: Standard with M8 screws in two lengths: 15 mm and 25 mm
  Optionally: M6, M10 or M10 – surcharge
Colors: Silver and Black