Lindemann audiotechnik is committed to the goal of lifelike music reproduction in the tradition of the high fidelity pioneers of the 1960s. Our vision has always been to deliver a natural musical performance that conveys the emotion and intimacy of the recording by remaining as faithful as possible to the original. Only in this way can listening to music at home evolve into a genuine experience of the live event.

We develop new Lindemann products using the very latest design and measuring technologies, at the same time drawing upon our wealth of experience in the development of loudspeakers, amplifiers and digital sources. We investigate and fine-tune critical areas with the aid of simulation analysis.

At Lindemann audiotechnik we consider the painstaking optimization of circuit topology and critical selection of the finest quality components to be just as important as suppressing mechanical resonance and ensuring a noise-free mains supply. Further quality improvement to high-end hi-fi equipment is only possible by exploiting all available synergies. This includes positioning, cabling and the AC supply.

Our experience tells us that genuine, long-term progress can only be achieved through the application of coherent design concepts and an uncompromising - and often purist - approach to their practical implementation.

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." -- Einstein

Although outstanding measured performance is the goal of all professional audio research, measurements alone can never establish the quality of a hi-fi component. Here at Lindemann audiotechnic, we therefore subject all technical developments to extended listening tests. It is only by doing so that we are able to satisfy the ultimate reference - the human ear - and so ensure real, long-term listening pleasure.