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Date: 2024-05-28


Chord Company cables have been quietly and calmly doing their thing for over thirty years and have expanded considerable effort towards reducing the propensity of all audio cables to act as antennas. While there are lively and ongoing arguments about the nature of shielding best suited to combat this, the consensus is that dielectric materials are enormously important.

Talk the talk
A chance conversation led to the use of Taylon as a dielectric material, creating ChordMusic, the most signi# cant step forward in the company’s history. With it, the Tuned ARAY process became Super ARAY, which sees cylindrical sections of silver-coated copper in an inert gas environment before the Taylon is applied and then augmented with other noise-reducing materials.

In testing ChordMusic with a complete system’s worth of connections, Chris Thomas admired the company’s fastidious attention to detail. That results in cabling that goes to quite extraordinary lengths not to be the story itself. Instead, ChordMusic manages to swell system bandwidths. It also removing hitherto unnoticeable bottlenecks in performance you would swear blind were not there before.

Above all, it manages to amplify the emotional content of the music you listen to. You feel more connected and involved with the material being played without ever upsetting any balance in the system. If the entire purpose of top class audio is to secure believable music reproduction in a domestic environment, ChordMusic has to be seen as an effortless facilitator of that ideal.