Exposure releases the ‘no-nonsense’ 3510 CD player



Date: 2024-03-19


If the CD is a dying format, why are so many hi-fi manufacturers introducing new CD players? I’ve been pondering this question whilst perusing Exposure’s lastest press release. The British manufacturer has just announced a new CD player called the 3510.

The top-loading-plus-puck model puts a Burr-Brown PCM1704 chipset in a dual-mono configuration for analogue signal exit via a pair of rear-panel RCA sockets. Already have a DAC? The neighbouring coaxial and TOSLINK sockets allow the 3510 to be used as a CD transport. Exposure asserts that the 3510’s high-stability crystal clock and the transport mechanism’s power supply regulator ensure low-jitter performance.

Just as important as the DAC chip/s themselves is the 3510’s fully discrete output stage that also comes with “multiple stages of [power] supply regulation”. That power supply is overseen by a large toroidal transformer that has separate windings for the transport mechanism and the audio stages.

The 3510 is wrapped in an aluminium chassis with an extruded front panel. Interestingly, Exposure claims that turning off the front panel display with the supplied remote control can elevate the unit’s sound quality.

Back to our opening question. The CD remains the most practical and most affordable physical format available right now. That makes it the most easily collectible. Furthermore, unlike a download, the CD allows us to get hands-on with the format with the option to rip it to a hard-drive in minutes; that is, should we want to stream its contents across our home network or out in the street with Roon ARC or Plexamp. Lastly, what we listen to on CD isn’t tracked by a mega-corporation.

Exposure’s 3510 CD player is available now. Your can choice of black or silver.