Hi-Fi+ WINNER 2022 – Chord Company Signature XL 喇叭線



Date: 2022-12-20


Chord Company’s Signature might not be the top of the line anymore, a signficant number of Chord Company users fall into that mid-to-high end bracket typified by Naim Audio’s Classic Series or Linn’s Akurate line and for whom Signature XL is the most they would ever spend on loudspeaker cable.

From its first iteration back in 1998, Signature took shielding seriously, investigating the (at the time) largely ignored problems generated by high-frequency interference. Today, the company’s recently incorporated XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) insulation continue that interference-busting reputation. While Chord Company’s loudspeaker cables cannot benefit from its ARAY tuning system, Signature XL still uses silver-plated copper conductors, in a braided/twisted pair layout.

In our test, Alan Sircom thought Signature XL, “has the right blend of raucous fun and civility no matter what music you put its way. Bass lines are taut and deep and extremely musically infectious; the midrange is opensounding and articulate with just the right degree of forwardness to the presentation needed to give such systems a bit of emphasis and a lift. Then the treble was at once clean, extended and almost impassioned sounding.”

Tested in an all-Signature cable system, Alan was impressed by the consistency, brought about by a fine balance; “If it has a sonic intent, it’s one of musical enjoyment rather than stark detailing. But it’s so well balanced in terms of price, performance, partners and probably some other things that don’t begin with the letter ‘P’.”