StormAudio Launches ISP Elite MK3



Date: 2022-07-06


The ISP Elite MK3 is StormAudio's latest high-performance surround-sound preamp/processor and boasts a sleek new colour display and modern design.

As you would expect from the updated flagship processor of the high-end French brand, the ISP Elite MK3 is fully compatible with DCI and Dolby ecosystems, as well as multiple DSP and amplifier platforms. Moreover, it can decode and upmix popular immersive surround formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, Auro-3D, and IMAX Enhanced, providing the best sound performance in any media room, theatre, or private cinema, says the manufacturer.

StormAudio's platform is also getting an upgrade with the firmware 4.3r0 update, which sees the addition of the HDMI Matrix function.

This new feature will allow different ways to use the second HDMI port available in any ISP equipped with the HDMI 7+2 eARC board co-developed with Cypress Technologies.

You get two new multi-room modes - Zone2 AV and Pass-Through. These will be selectable and offer the possibility of linking a second HDMI output to a defined Audio Video Zone and the ability to connect the second HDMI output to another processor or TV set.

Additionally, Auto Lipsync support allows the system to automatically adjust the Audio Video delay to ensure perfect lipsync.