Date: 2022-02-14


In the face of stiff competition, another affordable Chord product takes the prize this time round. The C-screen X (for a 3m pair, terminated with ChordOhmic banana plugs) is, like last year’s winner, an ‘X’ (XLPE insulated) upgrade of an existing product. Where it counts, the C-screen X – reviewed in the June 2021 issue – is an improvement over the DIY-store stuff. Over the XLPE-covered wiring is wrapped a twin-foil shield to keep external interference at bay. Doing so, it’s claimed, helps to convey subtlety while aiding coherence and timing. In terms of the all-important midrange, it never fails in its ability to communicate expressively; furthermore, dynamics and imaging are a cut above what you’d expect from a cable at this price point.

The C-screen X proves that cables can make a positive difference to even budget hi-fi systems, and paves the way for the more esoteric varieties that benefit higherend installations. This also weighed our decision in Chord’s favour. A fine performer.