Thirty years ago SpeakerCraft was formed by a group of dedicated individuals with a passion for sound. After inventing the in-wall speaker and manufacturing them for the most prominent companies in the business, we developed our own brand based on the ever-expanding need for quality sound in the home. Today, we are proud to be the largest supplier of architectural/custom installed audio/video products in the world having manufactured and sold millions of loudspeakers.

Our goal was to develop innovative designs utilizing some of the most state-of-the-art components and materials. Our efforts have earned us many industry awards for products that break tradition and go a step forward to bring you tomorrow's technology today.

SpeakerCraft has pioneered the architectural loudspeaker revolution and introduced many new innovations. To name a few, we were the first to invent in-wall speaker installation systems that do not require installing brackets in the wall first. We have improved the in-ceiling round speaker by inventing a method to greatly improve the high frequency response with a device called the WavePlane™. We were the first to produce pivoting tweeters and on some models the whole speaker pivots while still remaining flush with the ceiling. These innovations eliminate the placement concerns of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

SpeakerCraft also supplies hundreds of other products to help your multi-room audio/video system become a reality including multi-room distribution amplifiers/control system and a whole line of custom installation accessories to help it all come together.

Whether you want to listen to high fidelity audio or be blown out of your seat watching your home theater system, with SpeakerCraft speakers you now can enjoy your beautiful home without sacrificing sound or quality.