Sherwood Electronic Labs was founded in Chicago in 1953 to manufacture an amplifier designed by legendary audio engineer Ed Miller. Determined to design high performance audio gear and to manufacture it themselves, Miller and his partner John Snow created a company that has long set the standard for audio excellence and efficient manufacturing.

Throughout the evolution of advanced audio electronics, Sherwood's contributions have been invaluable. The world's first commercial FM stereo broadcast employed Sherwood technology. Sherwood was the first to introduce digital readout tuners and computer-controlled tuners, and most significantly, the industry's first 100% all-silicon solid-state audio.

Today the company's leadership continues. Not only is the Sherwood brand synonymous with high performance audio worldwide, but it is an industry secret that Sherwood is the actual manufacturer of nearly one-third of the world's high performance receivers. Many of the products they build are available with brand names which may be better known than their own, but none are built with the same sense of pride as those that bear the Sherwood name.

In the fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving field of consumer electronics where companies shift production from one low-cost supplier to another, Sherwood still manages to manufacture on their own all the products that bear the Sherwood name in order to maintain a consistently high quality level – a testament to Ed Miller's enduring philosophy: Design audio gear that offers only the highest levels of performance and make it yourself.