MB2 deluxe



The MB2 Deluxe is an exclusive edition of the prestigious and highly regarded MB2SE. Aesthetics and audio have been addressed with refinement in both areas which has resulted in a loudspeaker of unsurpassed stature and sonic transparency.

The faces of the entire cabinet of Deluxe edition features hand selected and book-matched leaves of the exotic and rare Santos Rosewood. The depth and figuring far outshine anything that can be produced synthetically with a smooth, silk like finish completing a highly sophisticated and tasteful design.

The introduction of a supreme quality high frequency unit augments the already razor sharp and tangible audio soundstage. The new unit is a highly engineered 25mm SONOTEX™ coated soft dome device that incorporates a circular array of six neodymium magnets rather than a standard ferrite ring arrangement. This feature significantly reduces distortion and teamed with the redesigned rear chamber that absorbs all unwanted resonances making its high frequency output entirely natural, smooth and beautifully wide ranging.

The statuesque high mass stand has been engineered with an additional 10mm solid steel, laser cut plinth on the base that not only adds all important mass but also stability. This addition has a profound effect on the speed and definition of the low frequency. Deep bass notes attack with far greater impact and subtle textures are made palpable. Precise levelling and decoupling is provided by oversized, eye catching cones that are easily secured in place by additional threaded rings.

The British designed gold plated binding posts are connected with a newly designed flat bridging bar allowing for all types of spade connection as well as the conventional 4mm style connector.



Frequency Response 20Hz-25kHz
Sensitivity 91dB 1w 1m
Effective ATL™ Length 3m 10ft
Impedance 8 Ohm nominal
Drive Units

LF - PMC 12” 310mm Radial™ driver

MF - PMC75 SE - 75mm soft dome

HF - 25mm SONOTEX™ soft dome Ferrofluid cooled

Crossover Frequency 380Hz – 3.8kHz
Input Connectors 3 pairs 4mm sockets (Tri-Wire or Tri-Amp)
Dimensions 870mm x 380mm x 555mm (H x W x D)
Stand Dimensions 377mm (+50mm spikes) x 374mm x 502mm (H x W x D)
Weight 86kg (with stand)
Finish Santos rosewood