MRE 130




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The MRE 130 monos are designed to reproduce the vast scale of a large orchestra in this entirety. From the deepest bass, to highest note – all the musical information is conveyed without loss of dynamic details, Raw emotion, stunning detail and rich voices – the MRE delivers fireworks. There are power amps on the market which can't run because of the power they have, whereas the MRE 130 can sprint. The sum of all its sonic characteristics makes the MRE 130 a suitable partner even for the exalted Jubilee preamp.With the introduction of the original RE280 stereo power amplifier, Andreas Hofmann left traditional power amp technologies far behind. With the MRE130, Hofmann has gone one step further. While it has the same power management and optimized input stage as its stereo brother, the MRE 130 benefits from an innovative and enhanced output stage configuration. What is revolutionary about this new generation of amplifiers is that OCTAVE has employed the classic, yet almost forgotten, pentode configuration.The classic pentode configuration was quite commonly used in earlier power amplifiers. It offered the benefits of reliability and a relatively high power output. From a modem perspective, its disadvantage was reduced dynamic stability and a high level of distortion. These effects are not a direct result of the pentode itself, but rather of the circuitry employed at the time.Andreas Hofmann has now developed a new circuit design that eliminates the drawbacks of the classic pentode configuration. This novel design involves the use of a second, separate power supply circuit for the auxiliary current required for the pentode mode of operation. The characteristics of this enhance pentode circuit employed in the MRE 130 are virtually ideal from both a sound quality and engineering point of view.

Tube complement 4 x 6550
Power Output 130W into 4Ohm
Frequency response 10Hz - 80kHz / ±1.5dB
Signal to noise ratio >100dB
Dimensions 485 x 176 x 408mm (W x H x D)

S/N 446183

S/N 446184